Sheep Camp

The objective of the Sheep  Camp is to offer a weekend to young people that have an interest in sheep. A camp they can attend to work with sheep and learn basic skills in areas such as low stress sheep management, basic husbandry and animal welfare. A camp leaving them with an appetite to work in the sheep industry, seeing it as an interesting and fulfilling career option.

The first Sheep Camp was held on the weekend of 23-24th May. Click here to read a report on the weekend

“I would like to congratulate you for that outstanding weekend at Rylington Park! That was perfectly organised, had very competent presenters and despite the rather packed schedule, did not feel hectic or stressful at all. The information that we could gather in those two days is just mindbogling, especially for the guys like myself, that do not have an immediate farming background or connection – invaluable, really!” Urs Graber, Agribusiness student, Curtin University

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