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John Duff (M.Agr.Sc Melb) John has excellent organisational development and natural resource management skills. His ability to identify key issues, propose innovative solutions combined with his objective management style ensure the production of practical, results-oriented projects on time and within budget. His recent achievements include formation and development of the Grain Industry Association of WA (GIWA) and Evergreen Farming. John is responsible for organising significant events such as Crop Updates 2010  and 2011 and the internationally recognised Grains West Expo.

Philip Barrett-Lennard (B.Sc.Ag (Hon) UWA) is an excellent communicator and critical thinker with extensive knowledge of pasture systems and the southern beef industry. He combines scientific rigour with practical farming experience in Western Australia and the United States. He is recognised as a leading adviser on the application of sub-tropical perennial pastures in WA. He is well known for his work with the Evergreen Farming group and the Grain and Graze project.

Sam Taylor (B.B.Ag Muresk) is a skilled agronomist with extensive experience in providing technical advice on crops and pastures, grazing systems, fertiliser management and animal production in a farming system context. Strong empathy with client’s business requirements has seen Sam forge strong client relationships over 12 years of research and commercial agronomy.

Tim Scott (B.B.Ag (Hons) Muresk) has extensive agronomic experience throughout the Central Wheatbelt and Great Southern regions of WA. He provides quality technical advice on cropping and pasture systems backed by practical experience gained from his family farming operation. Tim has extensive knowledge of multiple cropping systems with a strong focus on nutrition, herbicide resistance and disease management. Tim creates excellent client relationships in order to facilitate the best possible result for each and every client.

Erin Cahill (B.Sc. UWA) has spent over 12 years providing quality agronomic advice in cropping and pasture systems in the central and mid western wheatbelt regions of WA. This coupled with his own farming operation has given him invaluable practical experience understanding the challenges of managing a modern farm business. Erin has extensive knowledge of multiple cropping systems with a strong focus on soil and plant nutrition, variable rate and GPS technology as well as herbicide and disease management.

Clinton Mullan (B.Sc.) has been providing agronomic and farming systems advise for over 12 years through the Upper Great Southern and Lakes district regions. With the focus being on broad acre cropping inputs and sustainable cropping rotations he also has experience in pasture establishment and management.Involvement in his own family farm gives Clinton a very good practical understanding of farming and his experience in merchandise supply helps provide the extra information that clients are looking for.

Erin Gorter Erin has over 28 years’ experience as a sheep and grains farmer in the south west of Western Australia. She spent many of those years as a producer representative and advocate for livestock and pastures systems across Australia which developed into a strong interest in research, development and extension, particularly in the red meat sector. This led to her role as a rural industry consultant for the agricultural industry as part of the agVivo group, of which she is a Director.

PictureTimBoyes (1)Tim Boyes (B.Ag Muresk) has developed his agronomy and agricultural production systems knowledge through working closely with farmers throughout the Great Southern, Upper Great Southern and Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia over the last 15 years. Tim believes agricultural innovation and research begins and is nurtured at farm level, and that working closely with farmers can deliver important learning and problem solving outcomes and incremental advances. Tim is focused on delivering a full service agronomy model from rotation planning, soil and plant testing and nutritional advice, to in-crop implementation of integrated and sustainable herbicide, insecticide and fungicide programs. Tim is focussed on the fundamentals of crop and pasture production to deliver profitable and sustainable cropping outcomes for his clients.

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